Black Fire Girls

Skilled, sexy, sophisticated…


Skilled, sexy, sophisticated… Black Fire Girls bring professional fire performance to events Worldwide. From intimate private parties to full scale arena shows, Black Fire Girls can adapt their performance to accommodate a variety of themes and venues.

With exceptional costumes, choreography, make-up, props and skills, whatever your event, we’ve got it covered. We liaise with the individual client to create unique, bespoke shows, tailored to your exact requirements.

Black Fire Girls are extremely skilled and professional performers – the best in their field.


Black Fire Girls have extensive skills and training in the following skills:

Full bespoke choreographed shows / Flaming chalice of sparks / Ring of fire / Hand held pyrotechnics / Spark poi / Dragon canes Fire Swords / Fire whips / Single and double fire staffs / Fire crowns / Fire wings / Fire poi Sparkle fire / Fire Fans / Fire sticks / Hand held fire palms / Body burning / Fire transfers Fire Ballet / Fire Hula hoops


Black Fire Girls are also trained in the following skills which can be incorporated into performances

Aerial chains / Aerial silks / Aerial LED hoop / Snake dancing and walkabout/meet and greet / LED light shows / UV body paint shows / Angle grinding / Themed shows


Black Fire Girls are well known for their attention to detail and extensive health and safety experience, having worked with companies such as ITV, Top Gear Live and the Gadget Show. Our shows come with complete health and safety/risk assessment/insurance packages and we work closely with each client on all aspects of fire, pyro and aerial safety.

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