Black Fire Performers

Black Fire Performers

The Black Fire performance group includes all of our highly skilled fire, pyro and arial artists, but with a broader skill set including the following: 

  • Specialist fire acts such as Fire ‘foot archery’ 
  • Specialist aerial acts such as aerial mirror ball 
  • Contortion 
  • Acro-dance / acro balance 
  • Hand balance – on floor, sticks or rotating mirror ball
  • Athletic or contortion style pole dance 
  • Dance of all kinds including snake dance 
  • Hoola Hoop 
  • Burlesque style performers / singers 
  • Percussionists 
  • Side show acts 
  • Jugglers (solo and duet) 
  • Specialist themed acts and characters  
  • Themed walkabout characters of all kinds

If you have a specific request for your event, we can usually supply it! 

[email protected]
CALL: +44 (0) 7879 457278


Although perfomers can be hired individually, we do focus on themed shows, where our performers work together to create an overall entertainment package for your event. 

An example of our changing style would be our annual Christmas party for Addison Lee, who’s themes have included Las Vegas, Ibiza, Hollywood and even Star Wars! We work alongside both the décor / production company and the venue, to create an entire experience that starts from when you walk in the door, right up to the end of the night. 

Our clients include awards nights, charity events, corporate events, corporate Christmas parties, large-scale Indian weddings, student parties, specialist events, gaming shows, product launches and more. 

We approach each client individually and create the perfect experience for your event. 

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