Black Fire Agency

Black Fire are a well stablished and trusted agency, who’s exclusive, unique acts and shows are known all over the world! Since 2010 we have been working with clients to create a wide range of shows, often bespoke, to enhance and bring something truly special to each event.

From the adrenaline filled Fuel Girls, who have a huge following worldwide and are known for their love of tattoos and of shows that are fast & loud, to the Circus of Men, an all-male show containing some of the most skilled and dare we say hottest male performers in the UK! Black Fire Agency have your event covered and we do not dissapoint.

We pride ourselves on our close, long running relationships with clients, with repeat bookings year on year. We build relationships by listening to the clients needs and delivering way beyond expectation.

We work with an established, hand picked collective of trusted performers, who are reliable, professional and incredibly skilled.

We work closely with those performers on new show ideas, skills, choreography, themes, costumes and innovative creative ideas. This allows us to bring new, fresh performance concepts to events year on year, whilst building long term relationships with clients.

As well as its performers, Black Fire Agency has an incredible production team, specialising in fire & pyro choreography and health & safety. We work closely with events to deliver professional, bespoke and safe shows, not matter what the size.

The Fuel Girls


The most exciting Fire, Pyro & Aerial Group in the world

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The Blackfire Girls


High end choreographed fire & pyro shows

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Blackfire Performers


Multi-skilled male & female performers

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Electro Girls


UK's leading LED dancers & LED stage show

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Circus of Men


Gorgeous all-male multi-skilled performance group

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«The girls were fantastic, we had a great time with them. They impressed us with both their skills and shows, but also with how friendly and nice they were to be with/work with»

«I would like to thank all of your team for a fantastic show. They were amazing and I received excellent feedback from both the New Year’s Eve party and their performances at the event. They were all a pleasure to work with. We look forward to working with you again»

«‘For a decade the Fuel Girls fire up our shows with extremely breath-taking performances that keep getting bigger and better, growing with our shows every year. A very sexy but not too edgy addition to our shows! The Fuel Girls are extremely professional and can quickly adapt to new markets or situations. We could not imagine a show without them!’ »

«The Fuel Girls match perfectly to our first Biker Festival 'Biker Days Basel 2016'. Their work is highly professional, they are a lot of fun and represent the modern, strong and self-confident woman of today, just like a biker girl!»

«It was just perfect. The girls are so much fun and their performances were great. We were able to keep the people at the event because they all wanted to see the 2nd show»

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